About Me

WELCOME to my About Me page!

I’m Jordan – Lover of cooking (and eating) whole plant based food, finding my movement, “naturalizing” my life, and finding my zen.


My Health Story

I grew up in Central Ohio eating a Standard American Diet of chicken fingers, fries, frozen pizzas, diet coke and chocolate chip cookies (mostly the dough). I was active in sports and maintained a healthy weight, but my severe lack of nourishment caught up to me. Just shy of 18 years old, an awful virus hit my body hard, and I went to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. ER doctors wanted to remove my gallbladder, sure that it was the cause, but thankfully my parents resisted and advocated for more testing and alternatives.

This was my first glimpse into our healthcare system, and my first wake up call that my diet had to improve.

My freshman year of college, I gained weight. I’m not sure if it was 15 pounds, but it sure felt like it! My dressy pants from high school no longer fit, but my stress level and home sickness drove the late night chocolate chip and pretzel binges. One my of close girlfriends was trying to lose weight and get healthier. She asked me to walk with her daily around campus. Plus, she started sharing her resources with me – like calorie counting websites and healthy foods.

I started using the calorie counting website, walking, and doing DVD workouts in my dorm room before class. Low and behold – I lost weight! My energy levels and mood improved, thanks to the exercise, and my decision to transfer schools to be with my now-husband, Jack. That year gave me my second wake up call, but also taught me that I have the power to create change.

In the years following, I maintained a healthy weight and educated myself on the latest nutrition topics. One day, I stumbled upon a blog about “real food” which led me to read Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food. I started eliminating processed foods, reading ingredient labels, minimizing meat consumption, perusing farmer’s markets, and COOKING. I fell in love with cooking. 

My Philosophy

Whereas weight loss fueled my nutrition interest before, my motivation gradually shifted to yearning for better digestion, stress relief, and living a more compassionate sustainable lifestyle.

I now eat primarily whole foods: filled with veggies, fruits, whole grains, beans, legumes, seeds and nuts. I believe in “crowding out” versus restriction and rules, and my burgeoning home yoga practice has helped fulfill me mentally and spiritually.


I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Master of Arts in Counselor Education, both from The Ohio State University. I chose to enroll in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition’s program and earned my Integrative Health Coach certificate in December, 2014. Now, I’m back in school, studying to become a registered dietitian nutritionist!