My Goals for 2017 | Food Budget, Spa Days & Gratitude


Normally I would advocate for focusing on ONE goal or New Year’s resolution at a time. But, I also think goals should be set organically. The three goals I am setting to get 2017 started, are habits I’ve already started at a basic level. I’m using the New Year as a way to proclaim them into “official” goal status and step it up a notch.

goal 1

Set a food or grocery budget! This is SO needed. Especially after the holidays (and the two weeks I have off to go explore the grocery store every other day). After some research and reflection, Jack and I agreed on a realistic weekly amount. We’re going to give it a go for the month of January, then reassess. That’s the key to good goal setting – goals can be flexible! Goals should be ones you CAN achieve, not aspirational figments of reality.

Although it will take more work, careful planning, and mathematical calculations, I am excited for this one. Constraints seem to bring out my creativity, especially when cooking in the kitchen. So, when meal planning each week, I will make a list of the items we already have and incorporate them into all meals.

goal 2

I highly recommend this goal to all. Going to the spa can sound very exclusive or even snobbish, but I have found through experience and research, it’s worth it. I’ve maybe had 2 massages and a handful of facial treatments. Each time, I left feeling relaxed and centered. That good feeling typically carried on throughout my week. My goal is to add bi-monthly massage therapy to my self-care routine. I learned that humans thrive on touch and connection. Massage has shown again and again that it decreases stress and boosts immunity. Sign me up!

goal 3

Along with stress reducing massage, my third goal is to incorporate stress reducing gratitude practices. I learned about the Five Minute Journal from YouTube and was immediately intrigued. It is a guided journal that prompts a night time routine of writing positives for the day and future. People who use this journal say they feel more optimistic and have increased happiness. What a simple and inexpensive way to bring pure joy to your life? My plan is to use the journal nightly – especially during the work week when stress levels are higher for me.


There they are! My 3 goals in black and white – no going back now! 🙂


Be sure to check out my video where I talk about these goals on my YouTube channel Jordan Naturally!

Happy 2017 everyone!



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